About Edward

Edward Franklin, more simply known as "E," took his first dance class in high school as a means to avoid PE.  Under the watchful eye of dedicated teacher Cindy Herman, the dance studio became his second home and his talents manifested.  Upon graduation he traveled to Spain as a performer in the Barcelona Olympics' Opening Ceremonies.  Moving to New York City, he received full tuition and board scholarships to the Ailey School and the Joffrey Ballet, and was also the recipient of the prestigious Donna Wood Award.  Through dance, "E" has performed on major stages thorughout the world including South Africa, Greece, China, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal and France, memorably including the final performance of the "old" Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.  He is grateful to have served as a principal dancer and soloist with The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, PhilaDanco, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, the Oakland Ballet, Wylliams Henry Dance and many other notable companies. 

Franklin is an equally passionate teacher, known for his ability to connect and inspire students of all levels.  As an instructor, national and international master class teacher, visiting artist, and guest choreographer, "E" is proud of his multi-faceted approach for pushing students to the highest level of artistry and technique, ensuring their connection with the music, enhancing their knowledge of theater dynamics, and helping them impact an audience on a deeper level.  Edward draws from over 20 years of top level training and performance experience, and is grateful to have been guided by many of the today's finest choreographers and dance instructors.  He heavily combines this immense experience with his deep love of movement to give all dancers, whether professional, pre-professional or passionate hobbyists, a rich growth experience.

I’ve known Edward since he was an emerging dancer taking my classes in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing his artistry evolve brilliantly with Philadanco, Ailey, Deeply Rooted and Complexions. Some dancers dance, others are poets. Edward Franklin is indeed a poet.
— Kevin Iega Jeff Choreographer, Director, Cultural Community Builder Co-Founder/Artistic Director, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

Professional Experience:

COMPANIES:  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater • Philadanco • Complexions Contemporary Ballet • Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Theater • Ronald K. Brown/Evidence Dance Company •Deeply Rooted Dance Theater • Oakland Ballet • Hawaii Ballet Theater •  Eyawo Dance Theater • Manga African Dance Company • White Wave Rising Dance Company • Big League Productions • Harrison Dance Company

CHOREOGRAPHERS:  Judih Jamison • Redha Benteifour • George Faison • Ronald K. Brown • Bill T. Jones • Debbie Allen • Diane McIntyre • Hope Boykin • Benoit Swan Pouffer • Dwight Rhoden • Louis Johnson • Kevin Iega Jeff • Geoffrey Holder • Gary Abbott •Princess Mhoon • Hope Clarke • Leni Wyllliams • Young Soon Kim • Earl Mosley • Mary Pat Henry • Gary Harrison



"...a wonderfully imposing dancer... poetic..."  -New York Times

"Franklin gives a powerful, mature performance." -Dance Magazine

"...masterfully partnered by Edward Franklin, imbues the hushed beauty of "Fix Me, Jesus" with a blessing of perfection.-Chicago Tribune

"Mr. Franklin, whose finely nuanced dancing was one of the evening's greatest pleasures, stands out in the crowd..." -New York Times

"Many will at­tend the show solely to see Desmond Richard­son, but he’s not the only star on dis­play. Watch for Ed­ward Frank­lin, whose stun­ning solo at the top of the show sets the stand­ard for an even­ing of spec­tac­u­larly vis­cer­al dance." -Philadelphia Weekly

"...offered lyrical, gorgeously acrobatic support..."  -Washington Post

"Edward Franklin bought exceptional sweetness and precision to the movement..." -LA Times

"Edward Franklin was compelling as a muscular, self-glorifying John the Baptist." -Seattle Times

"…Edward Franklin in the bluesy 'Sweet Low Rise' added the expressiveness sometimes missing in the concert."  -Philadelphia Inquirer

"...eyes fixed on Mr. Franklin, who whirled across the studio like a polished stone skipping along the water."-New York Times

"...uncommon for one dancer to elicit such awe from another..." -New York Times

"...brought virtuosic excitement..." -New York Times