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Individual sessions and bookings with Edward are available in the Seattle, Washington and greater Washington DC area.   Privates accelerate a dancer's technical and artistic growth.  In one-on-one sessions we work in depth to expound on strengths, build individual artistry, address concerns, assist in polishing choreography, and work on specific goals.  The option of working with a partner is available .  $120 per 70 minute session, $295 for 3 sessions, $540 for 7 sessions.  Please contact Edward with inquiries and questions using link below or via email at


Interested in learning more about working with Edward as a choreographer, master class instructor, rehearsal consultant or visiting artist?  Please contact him directly to discuss at  Work samples available on request.


"You are awesome, Edward.  Your class was one of the most rewarding at George Mason University.  I’ll be attending the Ailey School next year and will definitely be prepared."   -Jumana, GMU Dance 2017

"You are the best teacher ever! Here's what I wrote to Maryland Youth Ballet a couple of weeks ago:   'Just have to tell you that I am thrilled that Edward is teaching Horton at Maryland Youth Ballet. His class is challenging, but he is an exceptional teacher who not only focuses on providing guidance on technique, but more importantly, he values every student regardless of skill level and works to bring out everyone's inner artistry. His teaching truly empowers us to find the dance inside of ourselves. Edward's enthusiasm is infectious. I can't thank you enough for bringing this amazing dancer and teacher to MYB. If you could recruit him to teach evening ballet along with Horton, that would be great, too.'"
-Maxine, student, Maryland Youth Ballet, Silver Spring, MD

"Your class is what I NEEDED my senior year.  This semester was rough, but in your class all my doubts went away.  Your teaching continues to resonate within me.  I love that you kept it real.  It is what we need entering into this crazy world."  -Jaya, GMU Dance 2017

"Edward Franklin is a master, a craftsman… that rare one gifted in both artistry and teaching.  Whether ballet or Horton, taking a class with him is a journey, one that he is able to adapt to any level without sacrificing technique.  His choreography further encompasses the dance form and takes you on a spiritual journey that touches the soul and brings you back to class again and again."  -Marissa, student, Joy of Motion Dance Center DC

"I’ve so enjoyed your vibrant energy. You have been one of my favorite professors at George Mason and are the reason I still love dance." -Chloe, George Mason University Dance 2017

"Your class has been the best I had in my years at Mason. You have taught, inspired, and challenged me so much in just one semester.  I love your teaching style." -Celeste, GMU Senior Dance Major 2017

"Your energy and passion inspires me in your class and in other classes to become better and push further. I definitely feel I am becoming a more aware and mature dancer. ...Thank you for your genuine care for our careers and dancing." -Emmanuel, GMU Dance 2017

"I absolutely love your class and look forward to learning from you each week. I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences in the professional dance world. You are, hands down, the most genuine and inspiring teacher I have ever had at school. Thank you for knowing when to push us, when to take it easy, and when to talk. It has been the utmost pleasure working with you.  Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!" -Willow, GMU Dance 2017

"Ever wanted to mirror the long lines and awe-worthy movements of an Alvin Ailey dancer?….Ever wondered how these dancers became so skilled in both technique and performance quality?… Well take a Horton Technique class with Edward Franklin!  This former Alvin Ailey, Complexions and Philadanco dancer is an amazing teacher for students of all levels!."  -Rachel, student, Joy of Motion Dance Center, DC

"I appreciate you so much as a dance teacher.  You’ve been such an inspiration with your passion for teaching and getting people out of their comfort zone, particularly me!. ...Your class is always a challenge - one that I joyfully accept, knowing I have a teacher who cares for us." -David, Dance Major, George Mason University ’17

"Mr. Franklin was instrumental for me in transcending dance as well as the other movement forms I’ve been 'hell-bent' on tackling.  He teaches with such vision, spirit and heart that, years later, it still leaves an unshakeable impression and encourages me to catapult my talents and endeavors into greatness. Franklin encourages one to strip away the inessential thoughts and burdens we entertain, to feel one’s way through, not unlike a child, when learning.  I am eternally grateful for his 'Don’t over-think it - just do it' approach that has helped me succeed in other sports such as marital arts and figure skating.  Thanks to Mr. Franklin I have a concept of where I am in space, how dance relates to the soul, and how it heals the mind."  -Kishe Wallace, student, Detroit, MI