Alicia Graf with Edward Franklin in Flaw.  Choreographed by Dwight Rhoden.  Complexion Contemporary Ballet.

"Reflections of the Heart," choreographed by visiting master artist Edward Franklin.  Performed by Renaissance Dance Workshop as part of a one-week master class intensive at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Edward Franklin in Cyclical Hour, performed by Wylliams-Henry Dance.  Choreography by Dwight Rhoden.

Edward Franklin teaching/choreographing with Loudon School of Ballet. June 2017

Choreographer: Edward Franklin.   Performed by the Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble., Washington DC,2017

Rehearsal excerpts from "Root of the Heart," with the Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble, Washington DC 2017. Choreographer: Edward Franklin.

Sweet In the Morning, performed by Wylliams-Henry Dance featuring Edward Franklin.  Choreography by Leni Wylliams.

"Greed," performed by Dance Theater of Syracuse. Choroegraphy by visiting master artist Edward Franklin as part of a week-long residency.

Alicia Graf and Edward Franklin in Cyclical Hour.  Choreographed by Dwight Rhoden.  Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

"Spiritual Decree," choreography by Edward Franklin.  One of two pieces entered and performed by the Wayne State University Dance Company at the Concorso Internationale Dance Grand Prix Italia in Italy.  The company won three major awards, two first and one second. 

Visiting Artist Edward Franklin.